Summer in Blue River
Five Reasons Why Blue River is Even Better in the Summer!

By: Catharine Eckersley, Reservations Coordinator

1. Our beautiful weather!

Lodge Entrance

Lodge Entrance

Although we’re all sad that the helicopters and most of our staff are gone for the summer, no-one is sad that the endless days of wearing multiple layers and our chunky, manly, winter boots are gone too! Dresses, shorts, t-shirts, and sandals fill the office and the town, and everyone’s enjoying the hot, sunny, and normally clear blue skies. Added bonus- it’s not disgustingly humid like in most cities – we have LOTS of fresh mountain air!

2. We remember that there are other activities besides heliskiing / boarding!

Josh River

Josh, one of our Front Desk Agents, fishing the river.

It’s time to dust off those bikes, hiking boots, boats, fishing gear, tents, and BBQ’s! We’re surrounded by amazing biking and hiking trails, ranging from lazy Sunday rides to more adventurous trips in our nearby BC Parks, Jasper National Park, and other Canadian National Parks in BC and Alberta. Blue River also has the amazing River Safari and there have already been moose and bear sightings! There are lots of fishing opportunities as well. Everyone seems to be at the river!

3. It’s peaceful and quiet!

River Safari Lounge

Relax at the River Safari covered deck with great food and friends.

Most of our winter visitors and staff have left for the season, and with them, the bustle of this small town, leaving behind an emptier and quieter Blue River. Evening walks around town and lazy afternoons at the beach can be done without running into anyone. It feels like you have the whole town to yourself and you don’t have to worry about ‘beating the rush’ to the beach to get the best spot, or of running into multiple tourist-packed buses.

4. Life is slower and simpler out here!

norther lights

Bonfire and the Northern Lights last weekend.

Picture it, there are no traffic jams. There are no cars hurtling past each other, rushing to get wherever they’re going. There’s no smog or pollution, we can actually see the stars! If you’re lucky, like we were last weekend, you can see the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights), which yes are hard to photograph with your iPhone, but are totally worth seeing with your own eyes! Everything just seems a lot simpler out here, like it should when you’re on holiday. We’re fairly remote in our own little peaceful part of BC, and it’s very easy to leave cell-phones, laptops, and work-stress behind when you’re surrounded by natural beauty and mountains.

5. You can do a lot without spending a lot of money!

Helmcken Falls

Catharine admiring Helmcken Falls.

Outdoor activities are relatively cheap.  You can spend the day at the beach, play Frisbee, go for a hike behind the luge hill, go fishing down at the lake or by the river, paint a landscape of the mountains, or read a book and relax in the gazebo, all without having to spend a thing! You can drive up to Wells Gray Park (no park fee) and enjoy any of the easily accessible walks along the top of the Helmcken Falls view point, or you can go on more of a challenging hike down into the valley. For more ideas and trail maps, visit the Wells Gray Info Centre in Clearwater.

You can save money by staying with us too! We have plenty of accommodation options, from our comfortable and affordable Blue River Motel to our beautiful luxurious log-crafted chalets for romantic getaways or family time at our main resort. For convenience (and less dishes!) meals are available at Saddle Mountain Restaurant, or you can stock up on your favourite food before you arrive and save money by making your own meals in our chalet kitchens or grilling it on our BBQ’s.