MWHS Heli-Sightseeing Tours are Back!

This summer, Mike Wiegele Helicopter Skiing and Yellowhead Helicopters are offering exciting helicopter tours of the Monashee and Cariboo mountains. The Blue River area is certainly a hidden gem, and in the summer… everyone can experience and discover the grandiosity of this terrain via the comfort of a Bell 206 B3 JetRanger.

From July to September, these tours run daily and can seat up to four passengers. Contact the MWHS resort for booking a flight. Each tour option offers stunning scenic views and will certainly addict you to these mountains – bring your camera!

Grizzly Hut Tour

A 30-minute Grizzly Hut Tour is undeniably the most spectacular way to see the alpine scenery of the Monashee Mountains. Fly between breathtaking peaks and glaciers to the Grizzly Hut, and view this remote cabin located at a pristine alpine meadow – 6000 feet above sea level. Also inquire about a specially catered Heli-Lunch at the Grizzly Hut – it is a perfect cap on an adventurous afternoon in the mountains!

Glacier Tours

Glacial Tours, allow you to explore impressive glaciers starting at 7,000 feet above sea level. Photo by Certain Images

Cariboo Glacial Tour

The 24-minute Cariboo Glacial Tour, takes guests into the western areas of the MWHS terrain and to experience the grandeur of the Cariboo Mountains glaciers. This tour allows you to get a feel for the immense terrain of this area – which is one of Mike Wiegele’s favourite places to ski throughout the winter.

Mike Wiegele Helicopters

A fantastic view of the Thunder Lakes, in the Cariboo Mountains. Photo by Deanna Kristensen

Glacial Lake Tour

This trip, may leave you speechless for days. An 18-minute Glacier Lake Tour, allows you to experience stunning creeks, wondrous waterfalls and mesmerizing emerald blue/green lakes, in the high alpine.

Helicopters; Heli-Hiking

Choose your own adventure and plan a heli-hiking trip this summer. Photo by Certain Images

Choose Your Own Adventure Tour

Plan a custom Choose Your Own Adventure Tour with your pilot to view some of the majestic peaks and glaciers of your choice. Maybe indulge in a lakeside picnic, hike among the wildflowers in alpine meadows or simply enjoy a sun set over the Cariboo and Monashee mountains – the options are endless!


Heli-SUP Adventures on the Thunder Lakes. Photo by Deanna Kristensen

Heli-SUP Adventures

Feeling like a little extra fun? This summer, check out the one and two day Heli-SUP Adventures trips available, via Bodie Shandro and Surfit.