Mike Wiegele Helicopter Skiing

The legend of powder skiing , 78-year-old Mike Wiegele, enjoying the deep powder on Saddle Mountain. John Schwirtlich Photography

March, 2017 – From the deepest tree days…to cruising down glorious glacier runs… the MWHS Sports Shop carries over 20 models of skis from the industry’s top ski companies. Hence why MWHS is renown for carrying skis and snowboards – for every condition AND for every style of rider. So of course everyone ALWAYS asks.. what skis does Mike Wiegele take into the mountains?

For the past two seasons – day in and day out – one of Mike’s favourite skis has consistently been the Volkl’s 100Eight’s, as one of his pick skis for carving some lines on his daily heli-skiing trip into the mountains.

Mike Wiegele

Mike Wiegele and his new Volkl 100Eight’s. Deanna Kristensen Photography

To honour Mike’s top pick of powder ski design, a flashy new pair of Volkl’s found their way into the MWHS Sports Shop… specially designed for Wiegele World. After close to 50-years in the business, Mike says he is very grateful to have a lineup of these skis available to his heli-skiing guests.

“Thank you Volkl for making the skis better, so our guests can have more fun!” smiled Wiegele.

Volkl’s 100Eights are designed with lightweight 3D Ridge construction and can handle most types of terrain conditions and according to Mike, these Volkl’s fit his style… powder perfectly.