It is no secret skiers have less than pretty feet. Anybody that has ever squeezed their piggies into the hard and unforgiving shell of a ski boot knows they are not designed for any sort of beautification. Yet, for most of us, an ugly foot is a small price to pay for the pure unadulterated fun of a powder day.

That being said, whether you enjoy the occasional day on the slopes or you live to ski every day, a well-fitted ski boot can make all the difference.

Many people pay the extra price for custom fitted ski boots and liners but still experience hot spots where their foot rubs against the shell. A good boot tech can help with these trouble spots by heating up the plastic shell and stretching it in the localized area – a technique known as boot punching.

I was loitering in our Ski Shop the other afternoon and was able to observe Dustin, our Ski Shop Manager and boot fitter extraordinaire, helping a guest with this exact problem. It was pretty cool to watch so I thought I'd share it with the rest of you. (click on the thumbnail to view a larger image)