Adventures in Sweden – by Bob Sayer

Each year mountain rescue professionals from all over the world gather to discuss the latest in best practices, equipment, disturbing trends and new ideas at the International Commission of Alpine Rescue (ICAR). The congress is also a platform for presenting research and for setting international standards. The CSGA (Canadian Ski Guide Association) - of which I am President - has been an active participant at ICAR for more than a decade. This year's congress was held in Are, Sweden, with the theme of Safety and Prevention in the Mountains. In our continual efforts…Read more

Testing 1, 2…

 Ski Canada Magazine has been in publication for 40 years, in that time one of the things that skiers in Canada look forward to most is the annual Ski Canada buyers guide. This is a review and rating of all the latest and greatest gear. It gives consumers a chance to find the right skis for them based on a number of criteria. Skier type, skill set and price point are all considered to help the public narrow down their choices and get on the best gear for them. The guides at Mike…Read more

So when do we jump out of the heli?

A surprisingly common question from potential and eager heli skiers is “do we have to jump out of the helicopter?” I have a feeling that this stemmed from some long ago ski movie that featured a skier launching from a heli for their first turns? Certainly some people even ask “Can we" or “Do we get to” jump out of the helicopter as if hurtling one’s perfectly functioning ( I’m assuming if you are heli skiing) body out of a moving object make sense. Let’s not forget it only hurts when you land…. I…Read more

A weekend with the Kids

  I’m often questioned about living in such a remote area…especially year-round. But, marketing for a world-renowned heliski operation definitely comes with a few perks. I may not be in cell range or have the quickest Internet connection, but my friends, there is compensation. Obviously heliskiing the odd day is a bonus…I mean, come-on! But beyond the obvious, I also get to participate in other pretty cool things. This past September is a perfect example. Early September, I got back from what can only be described as an unforgettable weekend. 11 kids, 4 adults, a backcountry…Read more

The life and times of a guide in training

[gallHave you ever wondered what mountain Guide training was like? Well, Lead Guide and course instructor, Mike Hainault, takes us through a week of training from this year's 2011 Summer Glacier Course. Monday September 12 - We Approached the Grizzly Hut on a glorious sunny day. Students practiced map, compass & navigation skills. Once at camp, a brief overview of basic rope skills (anchor building, rappelling, lowering,) whilst our chalet hostess Erich Schadinger prepared dinner. Tuesday September 13 - Another glorious day spent introducing mountaineering skills on French glacier. Students practiced using crampons,…Read more


Welcome to the new Mike Wiegele Powder Blog. The summer months are coming to an end and we are eagerly anticipating our first snowfall. With the changing of the seasons, we couldn't think of a better time to launch our new blog. We hope you enjoy the weekly update, amazing videos, picture and stories we have in store for you. Happy reading...see you in the mountains!Read more