Charlie’s Adventures – Windells Snowboarding Camp

Why stop snowboarding in the summertime, when there are places like Windells Snowboarding Camp! This summer, 10 year-old Charlie Guinn (son of Michelle Wiegele), took part in this super fun summer camps for kids, in Oregon. It was Charlie’s second summer cruising the slopes at Mount Hood, and besides improving his 180-grabs, nosegrabs, backflips and halfpipe runs on the hill, he also made some new friends and lots of great memories. The love of the slopes, "Wiegele creativity" and a quest for year-round fun, did not skip a beat in Charlie’s genes. Instead…Read more

Mike’s Adventures – 2016 Tour De Blue

I would like to thank those who supported us on our annual 512-kilometer Mike Wiegele Tour De Blue biking trip. We rolled out of Banff on August 23, from the Soul Ski and Bike shop, and saw so many of our great friends along the way. For the first time, it was nice to have my daughter Michelle with us on the trip this year and doing something as a family was really special. My wife Bonnie, recently had an operation and traveled with us in a car, encouraging us down the road.…Read more

Executive Flight Centre (EFC) expands into the Kamloops Market!

Executive Flight Centered celebrated the grand opening of their new Fixed Base Operation (FBO), Industrial Charter Terminal at the Kamloops Airport on November 24, 2014. The 3,200 square foot terminal is tailored to private and corporate aircraft owners, connecting them to work, home and recreation while also supporting travel and tourism in the region. Michelle Wiegele, President of Mike Wiegele Helicopter Skiing, attended the opening Chalk Pull ceremony on Monday, November 24th, 2014 at the Kamloops Airport. This new service will allow guests, whom choose to take advantage of this service, ease of…Read more

Our new Snowcat has a new home this year!

This year we have added a new PB 300 Snowcat to our fleet. This will provide a higher level of service to our guests in the comfort of a new machine. Situated on Saddle Mountain, the Snowcat will be out of the elements with a roof over it's head.Read more

The New Atomic Automatic 109

Atomic Automatic 109 Sizes: 175, 182, 189 Specs: 135(tip) 109(waist) 125(tail) @189cm Turn Radius: 19m @ 189cm The all-new Atomic Automatic 109 is an exciting addition to our expanding Automatic range that delivers the best in Big Mountain powder performance. At 109mm, with pronounced camber under foot plus Powder Rocker - big in the tip, smaller in the tail - this is the super versatile mid-waist Automatic, built for charging in deep snow and chop with total confidence. That said, it's also seriously versatile all over the mountain with a Step-Down Sidewall 2.0…Read more

Avalanche Forecasting 101 by Scott Thumlert

Uncertainty. I believe the concept of uncertainty is somewhat misunderstood in both the recreational and professional avalanche communities. The interaction of weather over complex mountain terrain results in a snowpack that varies, a lot. So as we travel over the snow it is difficult to predict weak layer strengths, slab thickness, and slab stiffness. The solution? Perhaps digging a quick profile and perform a few snowpack tests. While this is a great idea and it provides some information, extrapolating this information from one point in the mountains and applying it to the surrounding…Read more