Why stop snowboarding in the summertime, when there are places like Windells Snowboarding Camp!

This summer, 10 year-old Charlie Guinn (son of Michelle Wiegele), took part in this super fun summer camps for kids, in Oregon. It was Charlie’s second summer cruising the slopes at Mount Hood, and besides improving his 180-grabs, nosegrabs, backflips and halfpipe runs on the hill, he also made some new friends and lots of great memories.

The love of the slopes, “Wiegele creativity” and a quest for year-round fun, did not skip a beat in Charlie’s genes. Instead of buying gear to wear on the mountain, Charlie says he made his own outfit for the hill and acquired a trendy new nickname – “Bagman.” Charlie says he inspired a lot of his peers on the mountain to create their own style and he hopes to continue coming up with new ideas to share with everyone, this winter.

Soon Charlie will be back skiing with opa “Mike” at the Resort with the Saddle Up Club, and enjoying the Friday night shows in the Silver Buckle Lounge. To get your kids involved in the fun, check out the Kids Race & Powder Camp, March 18 to 22 (Tour 616), here in Blue River.