Atomic Automatic 109
Sizes: 175, 182, 189
Specs: 135(tip) 109(waist) 125(tail) @189cm
Turn Radius: 19m @ 189cm

The all-new Atomic Automatic 109 is an exciting addition to our expanding Automatic range that delivers the best in Big Mountain powder performance. At 109mm, with pronounced camber under foot plus Powder Rocker – big in the tip, smaller in the tail – this is the super versatile mid-waist Automatic, built for charging in deep snow and chop with total confidence. That said, it’s also seriously versatile all over the mountain with a Step-Down Sidewall 2.0 in combination with Carbon Sprocket Power Boosters laid directly into the Lite Wood core, making it super smooth and stable even on harder terrain.
Best Suited For: Freeride, big mountain skiing

Quote from Guide Willy Rens about the new Atomic Automatic 109’s

In my 27 years of ski instructing / ski guiding, I have tried and tested many skis. Some have performed well, others where ok. The Atomic – Automatic 109 I have been skiing on for the last 7 weeks is a must try.

To my feel it has the best of everything. The wide rocker tip makes for a ski that will never ‘dive.’ Even in the lightest of powder you don’t have to lean back. Just ski in a normal alpine stance and trust that ski…you will float. With a radius of 19m. the ski has a great ‘side cut’ that allows you to carve it up when skiing on settled snow in the alpine. In those conditions the ski gives you a more traditional feel, just like skiing on a groomed run.

The width underneath the foot is ‘only’ 109 mm, which gives you two advantages:
1. In deep powder you will sink in a little deeper so giving you the deep powder experience. The wide tip and tail will keep the ski floating.
2. The 109 mm underfoot makes the ski easier to switch from edge to edge. That makes it a great ski for quick turns while skiing in the trees.
I find the Automatic 109 a keeper for the season as it gives me always something great, no matter what the snow conditions are. When visiting Mike Wiegele Helicopter Skiing this season, test out the Automatic 109’s. I promise you will smile!

Automatic 109 Willy resized