One of the most common questions we get is, "what type of helicopters do you use?" That is an excellent question which we thought we'd spend time answering here…

Here at Wiegele World, we partner with VIH Helicopters for all our heli needs. Entering their 57th year in operation, VIH highly experienced pilots work with a team of talented engineers to maintain the industry's highest maintenance and operating standards. Our heated hangar allows the team of engineers to ensure all maintenance schedules inspections are met – regardless of weather conditions.

We currently use a mixed fleet of helicopters including the Bell 212, the Eurocopter A-Star B2 and as the Bell 407.  Each machine brings a unique strength to our program and allows us to offer all our cool packages (Private, Deluxe, Elite, Super Elite). Here is a brief overview of the 3 types of machines:

Bell 212 – This twin-engine medium-lift helicopter has a long track record as the workhorse of the industry.  2 guides and up to 10 guests are easily transported in comfort.  It is available in Deluxe, Super Elite and Private packages.




A-Star B2 – This small and quiet intermediate helicopter provides a small group experience with unmatched views from within for the guests as well as the guides.  The A-Star seats 4 guests and a guide.  It is available in Elite, Private and Semi-Private packages.


Bell 407 – This small, fast intermediate helicopter has a lot of power and is great in the Elite program.  The 407 also allows the possibility to have up to 5 guests per group plus one guide.  It is available in Elite, Private and Semi Private packages.


This year we will be running 11 helicopters – 4 Bell 212’s along with 7 of the smaller A-Stars and 407’s.  Throughout the season we'll also be giving you some behind the scenes of VIH's mechanics and engineers who keep our helicopters running smoothly for our guests each and every day. For more information and all the specs check out VIH's website.

See you in the mountains!