CSGA Summer Glacier Skills Course

This weekend, the CSGA wrapped up the annual Summer Glacier Skills Course. Current and aspiring guides took part to further develop their skills in glacier travel, mountaineering, rope techniques, crevasse rescue, and route selection to name a few skills. The group spent 7 days in the Monashee Mountains where they experienced fresh snow, sun and everything in between. MWHS Photographer John Schwirtlich was up for a couple days at the start of the week ,along with MWHS Senior Lead Guides, for Recurrent Training. In between training and trying to keep warm, he managed…Read more

Junior Glacier Skills Course – Level 2

Building on more than 20 plus years of adventure, exploration and teaching, the 2nd annual Canadian Ski Guide Association Level 2 Junior Glacier Skills course was held August 27th -30th  in Blue River. Led by Assistant Operations Manager Elias Ortner and by Senior Lead Guide Tim McLean, 4 students where challenged by tall peaks, deep glaciers and inclement weather. Course topics included rock and ice anchors, roped glacier travel, crevasse rescue, navigation and wilderness survival. Although camping for 4 days in snow, high winds and rain at 2400 m ( 8000’), all students were…Read more

Boot Punching 101: Help save your piggies

It is no secret skiers have less than pretty feet. Anybody that has ever squeezed their piggies into the hard and unforgiving shell of a ski boot knows they are not designed for any sort of beautification. Yet, for most of us, an ugly foot is a small price to pay for the pure unadulterated fun of a powder day. That being said, whether you enjoy the occasional day on the slopes or you live to ski every day, a well-fitted ski boot can make all the difference. Many people pay the extra price for…Read more

Anatomy of a Wiegele Guide

Our heliski guides definitely have a heart of gold  ... but we are not insinuating that there is an actual common physical anatomy of a ski guide. However, the anatomy of what they sport out in the  field is the same. On average, Wiegele Guides spend 120-140 days a year working in a harsh mountain environment. That being said, it is extremely important that they use only the best and most durable products available. So for all those curious cats out there, we put together this little diagram highlighting the exterior anatomy of a Wiegele guide. S Read more

Meet the Helis

One of the most common questions we get is, "what type of helicopters do you use?" That is an excellent question which we thought we'd spend time answering here... Here at Wiegele World, we partner with VIH Helicopters for all our heli needs. Entering their 57th year in operation, VIH highly experienced pilots work with a team of talented engineers to maintain the industry's highest maintenance and operating standards. Our heated hangar allows the team of engineers to ensure all maintenance schedules inspections are met - regardless of weather conditions. We currently use…Read more