Season Training Has Begun!

Season Training Has Begun!

Backcountry safety is always of prime importance in the heli-skiing and snowcat industries. From September 11 to 17, the annual Canadian Ski Guide Association (CSGA) Glacial Skills and Recurrent Training Camp hosted in the Mike Wiegele skiing tenure at Blue River, BC, brought in 23 students, from all over the world. CSGI camp director, 17-year CSGA participant and Mike Wiegele Lead Guide Michel Hainault, explained that this camp offers participants (of all levels) a variety of rescue simulations (including crevasse and cliff rescue training), which prepares them for many of the challenges that…Read more

Charlie’s Adventures – Windells Snowboarding Camp

Why stop snowboarding in the summertime, when there are places like Windells Snowboarding Camp! This summer, 10 year-old Charlie Guinn (son of Michelle Wiegele), took part in this super fun summer camps for kids, in Oregon. It was Charlie’s second summer cruising the slopes at Mount Hood, and besides improving his 180-grabs, nosegrabs, backflips and halfpipe runs on the hill, he also made some new friends and lots of great memories. The love of the slopes, "Wiegele creativity" and a quest for year-round fun, did not skip a beat in Charlie’s genes. Instead…Read more

Mike’s Adventures – 2016 Tour De Blue

I would like to thank those who supported us on our annual 512-kilometer Mike Wiegele Tour De Blue biking trip. We rolled out of Banff on August 23, from the Soul Ski and Bike shop, and saw so many of our great friends along the way. For the first time, it was nice to have my daughter Michelle with us on the trip this year and doing something as a family was really special. My wife Bonnie, recently had an operation and traveled with us in a car, encouraging us down the road.…Read more