Powder You Can Dance To!

January has been an exceptional month for us in the Blue... So much fun, people are dancing - Seriously! Thanks to GoPro footage from guest Scott Turner and Lead Guide Tim McLean, I was able to throw together this fun little clip for your powder viewing pleasure.  Enjo y  Read more

A little heliskiing eye candy

It has been a tough snow year for some of you, with little or no powder to play in. So, I figured some Wiegele heliskiing eye candy may perk up your soul (either that or drive you mad with envy). So without further ado, check out these amazing shots captured by Lead Guide Tim McLean from this week's skiing...oh ya! (click on thumbnail to view larger image)Read more

A Guide’s Take on Fun & Safe Tree Skiing

'Tis the season for amazing tree skiing in the Blue... anybody that has been here in December and January can attest to how fantastic it truly is. So what is it, you ask, that makes it so? Well, I sat down with Lead Guide Bob Sayer and asked his take on the matter. Here is what he had to say: "It snows in Blue River. A lot! That means we often ski in the trees. First time heliskiers are often apprehensive about tree skiing while long time skiers look forward to it. Why is that? Well, first off, the best…Read more