The Best Photos 2010-2011

Wow... another amazing season is already under way and so far it has been epic! However, it is New Year's Eve and in celebration we thought we'd share some of the best of the best photos of the year captured by our amazing on-site photographer John Schwirtlich. (click on the thumbnail to view a larger image). To see more amazing photos check out our Photo and Video Gallery. Read more

Anatomy of a Wiegele Guide

Our heliski guides definitely have a heart of gold  ... but we are not insinuating that there is an actual common physical anatomy of a ski guide. However, the anatomy of what they sport out in the  field is the same. On average, Wiegele Guides spend 120-140 days a year working in a harsh mountain environment. That being said, it is extremely important that they use only the best and most durable products available. So for all those curious cats out there, we put together this little diagram highlighting the exterior anatomy of a Wiegele guide. S Read more

Powder Teaser Alert!

With so many places across the globe screaming for snow, we feel pretty fortunate to be in a place with no shortage of powder. We had a beautiful 30cm of fresh yesterday! Here is a short teaser from Lead Guide Tim McLean skiing on Ski World Trees...we are loving the Go Pro.Read more

Picture Perfect Season Start

Yes!!! Our heli skiing season is in full swing and it has been an excellent first week. Despite modest snow levels around the globe, Blue River has held true to its reputation with a great base and fantastic skiing. We thought we'd share a few pics from our first turns, captured by our talented on-site photographer, John Schwirtlich of Certain Images. Be forewarned...these pictures may solicit severe envy and a strong urge to go heliskiing (click on the thumbnail to view the image).Read more

Meet the Helis

One of the most common questions we get is, "what type of helicopters do you use?" That is an excellent question which we thought we'd spend time answering here... Here at Wiegele World, we partner with VIH Helicopters for all our heli needs. Entering their 57th year in operation, VIH highly experienced pilots work with a team of talented engineers to maintain the industry's highest maintenance and operating standards. Our heated hangar allows the team of engineers to ensure all maintenance schedules inspections are met - regardless of weather conditions. We currently use…Read more