The man, the legend, my boss…Part 2

In Part 2 of the Wiegele saga, I bring you a clip from Warren Miller's Dynasty.  Dynasty was released in 2010 in honour of the company's 60th anniversary...which happened to coincide with our own 40th celebratory year. The clip is a wonderful depiction of the man himself, Mr.Mike Wiegele. Hope you enjoy this little treasure. Athletes featured are Mike Wiegele of Blue River, Chris Benchetler of CA, and Cody Barnhill of UT.Read more

The man, the legend, my boss…Mr.Mike Wiegele

People often ask me what Mike Wiegele is like... "I am committed to the 'soul' of skiing," says Mike. "To enjoy the true freedom of skiing is to return to nature's purest form of backcountry wilderness. There is nothing like the whisper of the wind and the hiss of skis sliding through snow. To experience these moments is sacred." Whenever I’m asked about Mike, I always hesitate. It is not that easy to sum a person up in a casual conversation. There are, of course, canned lines and scripted text I could regurgitate.…Read more

Adventures in Sweden – by Bob Sayer

Each year mountain rescue professionals from all over the world gather to discuss the latest in best practices, equipment, disturbing trends and new ideas at the International Commission of Alpine Rescue (ICAR). The congress is also a platform for presenting research and for setting international standards. The CSGA (Canadian Ski Guide Association) - of which I am President - has been an active participant at ICAR for more than a decade. This year's congress was held in Are, Sweden, with the theme of Safety and Prevention in the Mountains. In our continual efforts…Read more